Society for the Propagation of the Faith

Under the direction of Congregation for the Evangelization of People and the Bishops, the Pontifical Mission Societies exists now in more than 120 countries. Each society seeks to promote prayer and sacrifice for the world-wide mission of Jesus.
Over 1,100 dioceses in Asia, Africa, Oceanic and Latin America, receive assistance from the general funds distributed globally on the basis of need.

The Holy See has established four Pontifical Mission Aid Societies,which form one institution with four branches:

  • Propagation of the Faith
  • Holy Childhood Association
  • St.Peter Apostle
  • Missionary Union

The principle aim of the Pontifical Missionary Societies, according to their statutes is “the promotion of a universal missionary spirit in the hearts of the People of  God.” Their common task is to keep before us the essential truth that

(Ad Gentes 2)