Human Resources

The Human Resources department of the Catholic Diocese of Springfield provides services to the diocese in the recruitment and training of employees,

News & Public Affairs

The Diocese offers many communication services through the Catholic Communications Corporation which provides programming, internet and print materials, The Public Affairs

Office of Divine Worship

Sacred Music… “a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any art.” (The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy)

Office of Faith Formation

The Office of Faith Formation exists to assist the diocese in realizing its mission of education and formation. It does this

Office of Latino Ministry

Nuestra Misión
La misión del Ministerio Católico Latino en la Diócesis de Springfield, MA. es ofrecer a la comunidad católica latina

Office of Youth Ministry

The Office of Youth Ministry offers resources and support to assist parishes and youth ministry leaders in the formation of young

Pastoral Planning

The Office of Pastoral Planning is charged by Bishop Rozanski with providing every Catholic in Western Massachusetts fair and equitable access to

Society for the Propagation of the Faith

Under the direction of Congregation for the Evangelization of People and the Bishops, the Pontifical Mission Societies exists now in more

Springfield Diocesan Cemeteries

    Catholic cemeteries are a long-standing ministry of the church; the cemeteries are intended to be religious in character. The