ACA Frequently asked questions

Q. Where do funds collected by the Annual catholic Appeal go?
All funds collected stay local, helping local services, ministries and agencies. A complete listing is available through ouraccountability report. Every dollar is listed and accounted for in this report.
Q. What is the purpose of publishing the Accountability Report?
To show donors, the Catholic community, and the general public how these funds are allocated to the agencies, ministries, programs of the Church of Western Massachusetts. The accountability report is available on our website
Q. Who are the auditors?
The audit firm is Wolf and Company, P.C.
Q. Why is there such urgency regarding the Appeal?
When people are in need of assistance there is always urgency. Especially when the need has to do with housing, heating oil, food – to address these needs as soon as possible can be the difference between life and death. We, as the Church, need to be responsive to people’s needs and respond to them as soon as we possibly can – not according to our convenience. When an unborn child’s life can be saved, a family can be fed or a teen’s life changed by the power of prayer, the need is urgent.
Q. Why not give directly to one of the charities?
We certainly encourage individuals to support charitable endeavors which reflect our Catholic values. The ACA offers a unique opportunity in which your donation helps more than 40 ministries and agencies, reaching out to our neighbors in every stage of life, many facing critical challenges. In addition we have an Allocation Board, made up of Church and community leaders who advise us on awarding funds and selecting new recipient agencies. Donors do have the option of specifying a particular agency for their gift to be targeted toward.
Q. Will you accept other forms of gifts besides a check?
You may pledge and be billed monthly; you may give a gift of stock or even have your gift charged on a monthly basis to your debit or credit card. Again, on the pledge card make your wishes known to us.
Q. Can I give on-line?
Absolutely. Just go to the top of this page and click “Make a Donation” on the right-hand side. It is convenient, easy and secure.
Q. Sometimes I get contacted by companies and I have wondered if you are giving them my name. Is my name used for any other purpose
The database which is kept in the Diocesan Accounting Office is not shared, sold or communicated in any way with any outside entity. This was the “contract” that we had with our pastors and administrators and this is the promise that we have kept over the years and will keep in the future.
Q. I have a neighbor who is a member of something called “the Bishop’s Society of the Annual Catholic Appeal”. What is that and how could I become a member?
The BISHOP’S SOCIETY OF THE ANNUAL CATHOLIC APPEAL is a recognition society of those donors who have given $1000 and more to the Appeal in a given year. It is a great way for donors to come together at the end of the Appeal and celebrate with Bishop Rozanski the good news of this annual fund drive. Our membership in this Society is 500 strong.
Q. If I have any questions or need help as I fill out the pledge card who can I call?
The Annual Catholic Appeal staff  is available to you from 9 to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call 413-452-0670.
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