CCA the homecoming project

The Homecoming Project assists homeless individuals as well as individuals imminently facing homelessness. The project is funded by the City of Springfield through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and through the state’s Department of Housing & Community Development.
Frequently Asked Questions About the Homecoming Project
What geographical area does this Project serve?
The Homecoming Project serves eligible individuals in Hampden County.
What are Homecoming Project services?
The Homecoming Project provides diversion prevention and re-housing services to help individuals obtain or remain in housing. These services may include case
Who meets eligibility criteria?
Eligibility is determined by an in-person consultation with Homecoming Project staff.
Individuals / families *
  • must have an income
  • must meet program income threshold
  • must meet minimum rent to income ratio
  • Homeless: staying in shelter, a place not meant for human habitation, or a recent DV victim.
  • At risk of becoming homeless with a pending Housing Court hearing or in Housing Court.
  • Pending eviction case in housing court
  • recent condemnation or fire
  • residing in another person’s home or motel due to financial hardship
* limited funding for non-EA qualitfied families
Who do I contact to determine my eligibility?
Please contact Friends of the Homeless at 413-734-3069 if you are homeless and meet one of the homeless criteria listed below. Please contact Catholic Charities at 413-452-0605 if you are at risk of becoming homeless due to eviction from housing in Springfield.